TLA District 5+7 = #NextGenLib

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Next Generation Librarians 2014 the result of a partnership between Districts 5 and 7 of the Texas Library Association. This virtual conference brings together graduate students, scholars, librarians, archivists, developers and programmers, administrators, and anyone with an interest in the changing role of libraries in the 21st century. Learn more aboutthe conference, proposea presentation, and register.

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The Chrome Grad Experience


Last night, I took delivery of my new chromebook.  While the UNT SLIS program does NOT list a chromebook as an “approved device” for the graduate degree program, I’ve decided to buck the rules and attempt the remainder of my graduate experience solely on a chromebook.  I’ll be posting about my experiences (good, bad and otherwise) in my attempt.  Hopefully, it will help some future students in the program!

Call for New Writers!

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For any fellow students that might be interested, here’s some info about applying as a writer for the Hack Library School blog

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Greetings readers!

Here at Hack Library School, we pride ourselves on providing engaging, thoughtful, and useful resources for Library and Information Science students. The best part of this experience, in my opinion, is the community the writers have with each other and our readers.  Unfortunately, because we’re a blog by and for students, eventually we have to move on to bigger and better things (like graduation and full-time professional gigs).  The good news for all of you is that we’re looking for a new group of dedicated students who would like to be regular contributors here.

We’re looking for people who are enthusiastic, skilled writers who have backgrounds and specialties that we’re currently lacking at HLS.  We’re looking for a diverse group of writers: diversity of experience, professional interests, and opinions.  We strive to critically engage with topics and we’re not afraid of “stirring the pot”–and we hope you aren’t…

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Webinars: September 2014

This month’s list of free webinars that might be of interest to ELMSters are below!  Thanks for the patience while I took the summer off from compiling these!


Sept 4: Grant Seeking Basics   (GrantSpace)

Sept 9: Fair Access to Ebooks (Washington State Library)

Sept 9: Upcoming romance titles (Booklist)

Sept 12: Small Libraries Big Impact (Gale Marketing)

Sept 18: Taming Tech Tools for Libraries (Webjunction)



The new semester is now upon us!  With our core courses out of the way, many of us ELMSters are in different classes now.  I’m taking two digital courses this semester (Curation and Digital Libraries).  Hopefully, they will be less intensive than the crazy summer sessions!

Librarianship Unplugged

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A few months ago at work, at approximately 10:30 a.m., the Internet went down and service was not restored until about 4 o’clock that afternoon. Considering that I work at a public library where many of the patrons are there specifically for using the Internet and that the Internet is my main source of ready reference answers, this was quite the concern. In fact, as soon as the patrons caught wind that the Internet was down and that we had no idea when it would be back, the building cleared out quickly, and the library became strangely quiet. No typing. No screaming children. Few questions. But that day, I had the chance to practice many of the search techniques I’ve studied in library school and to test my knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System and the library’s physical collection. I got to know many of the offline resources that we…

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